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    “The basic themes underlying the German Industry Park’s high-tech image are the flow of time as expressed by the gently undulating façade, and open space for active, creative work.”

    Kazuyuki Noro, Architect, Taisei Corporation

Tenant overview

Atotech Japan K.K.

Office + Technical Centre

Best local service and leading production system technology for printed circuit board production and IC substrates.

Here at the German Centre, we, Atotech Japan, have not only located our head office functions, but we also have a technical centre for conducting state-of-the-art research and development, which includes chemical analysis and physical testing laboratories, as well as an electronics pilot line. Because our business headquarters and technical centre are both located within the one building.

We not only gain increased efficiencies and reduced indirect costs, but it really feels like we gain the advantage of having “two in one”.

BASF Japan Ltd.

Office + Showroom + Factory

Engineering plastics division of BASF Japan Ltd. has its technical center called EPIC (Engineering Plastics Innovation Center) in German Industry Park.

In addition to material characterization lab and CAE functions, the center is equipped with “Innovation Room,” a collaboration space to allow customers to see the latest examples of BASF’s innovative technologies.

Owing to the unique architectural structure combining office and WAM space in one building, German Industry Park was an ideal place for us to provide technical support for engineering plastics in all stages from concept to design. Additionally, convenient access both from the center of Yokohama and Tokyo make it easy to invite our customers to EPIC.

TRUMPF Corporation

Office + Showroom

At TRUMPF, we provide state-of-the-art machinery for the processing of plate metal. We use the WAM area for presenting this machinery to our clients, and as a showroom for demonstrations. Since the machines are extremely large and heavy, they require high-spec ceiling heights and floor loadings.

In Germany, where our head office is located, we have a range of factory, warehouse and office functions all situated in the one town or village. It creates an atmosphere of the company being formed all together. It could be said that the German Industry Park is like a miniature version of this.

The surrounding environment rich in greenery and the sturdy and strong building design provide an overwhelming German feel to the area.

German Industry Park outside view

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